Friday, October 11th

Speaker Schedule

8:30 AM

Doors Open

10:00 AM Keynote

How to Reach the “Spiritual But Not Religious”

Phylicia Masonheimer

We all know someone who is “spiritual, but not religious,” uninterested in organized religion. This session will explore how to talk about the gospel to those who prefer a customizable and subjective spirituality, and how their Christianity actually answers the desires of their hearts. You’ll leave this session understanding why people are averse to organized religion, how to meet them with both compassion and truth, and how to communicate Christian doctrine and history in tough conversations.

11:15 AM Keynote

Carrying the Kingdom

Layla Nahavandi

A theological overview of the evangelistic approach of Jesus and His disciples to reach the world. Explore what it means to preach the gospel and carry God’s kingdom in our everyday lives.

1:15 PM Keynote


Scott Lindsey

Coming soon

2:30 PM Keynote

In the Shadow of our Steeples

Jeremy and Cortney Jenkins

Many of the Non-Christians in our lives are unlikely to attend our church services, even if we invite them. There are many reasons for this, but this session will help you truly see those in your community who wouldn’t walk through the doors of your church.

3:15 PM Keynote

Equipping the Saints: How to Be an Effective Bible Study Leader

Phylicia Masonheimer

Are you intimidated by leading a Bible study? Do you struggle to take it deeper, manage discussion, or choose a focal topic? Maybe you second guess your leadership abilities and Bible knowledge. Whatever the challenge, this session will equip you to teach the Bible with confidence from living room to classroom. You’ll come away with practical steps for facilitating studies that engage attendees, answer tough questions, and equip them to multiply disciples.

5:00 PM Keynote

Intentional Community Hour

Phylicia Masonheimer & Mikayla Whitcomb

In this casual gathering (feel free to wear your comfy clothes!) Phylicia will lead attendees through the principles of hospitality and deep connection that lead to effective life-on-life discipleship.

Saturday, October 12th

Speaker Schedule

8:30 AM

Doors Open

10:00 AM Keynote

God Can Do More With Your Rest

Lisa Fields

Explore the biblical principles that emphasize the transformative power of rest, as Lisa Fields encourages us to recognize that God often works most profoundly in our lives during these moments, rather than through our relentless efforts. You’re invited to reassess your priorities, and trust in God’s ability to achieve His purposes, even in our stillness.

11:15 AM Keynote

The Neighbor at Your Door: Sharing the Gospel with Latter-day Saints

Jeremy Jenkins

We should be quick to share our faith with those who don’t know God, especially when they are open to the conversation. Learn about Latter-day Saints, why they need to hear the true Gospel, and how you might be able to share it with them.

1:15 PM Panel

Ask Anything Panel

Phylicia Masonheimer, Layla Nahavandi, Lisa Fields, and Jeremy and Cortney Jenkins

Your questions, answered live by our panel of speakers. Text your questions to: 231-201-2181

2:55 PM Keynote

Sanctified Evangelism: The Role of Personality in the Gospel

Phylicia Masonheimer

Our personalities are given by God, but they are also affected by sin. When sharing the gospel, each of us is given a set of skills to nuance how we communicate God’s truths to others, but we also have a set of liabilities we must overcome. The Holy Spirit sanctifies our personalities to make us better communicators, but how do we partner with His growth? Learn how to prevent your personality from hindering the gospel, and how it can empower the Great Commission, in this session.


"I attended Verity alone to see if it was something I could feel confident sharing with others. It did not disappoint. I left feeling more sure of what I believe, more equipped to dig into what I wasn’t sure about, more encouraged to share with others. The session on hospitality was my very favorite. It gave me the push I’d been needing to get back into opening my home to others. Verity was the push I needed to get back into doing what the Lord has called me to do."

Anita Walton